I V Y  H E L S T E I N
Psychotherapist to High Achievers
For more than 30 years, I’ve conducted one-on-one psychotherapy with high-achievers in all professions:
CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, stockbrokers at the top of major firms, judges, attorneys, surgeons,
politicians and celebrities, as well as top motivators, nationally and internationally. What I’ve discovered is
that all high-achievers have attained a special position that sets then apart from the general population and
causes unique behaviors that can lead to subsequent problems.

First, all high-achievers are placed on a pedestal and have a celebrity as well as an authority status. Whether
in the public eye or performing in a high-pressure project, they are expected to handle everything easily. They
are expected to be perfect role models; superhuman; beyond human problems; and beyond human emotions
and needs. They are certainly not permitted to have physical or emotional illnesses.  Those weaknesses
would be looked upon as a betrayal of their image.
Second, all high-achievers’ lives belong to others.  They are expected to live to give service and to put that
part of their lives above and before all, most especially their own wellbeing.  Normal human needs necessary
for emotional stability and health, such as proper eating, rest, family time, having healthy relationships, love,
sex and play are placed second to work, traveling, phone calls, e-mail, and in their spare time, doing all that’s
crucial to stay on the cutting edge.
Third, all high-achievers must strive for more success in order to keep their special status. Since they often
feel insecure and fear being ordinary, they work harder for continuous recognition.

The questions I’m often asked by my troubled high-achieving clients are: “What can I do to make my life
better?” “What was the drive that make me go in this direction?” “How do I change?”

So if you recognize yourself,  the good news is you will always be a high-achiever.  It is innately who you are,
however, you can do it in a whole new way with more personal awareness, self-compassion, inner peace and
being loved and valued for who you really are.

I have devoted my life’s work to helping high-achievers. Having been one myself, I understand  your
struggles and can give you the help you need.  Since high-achievers are busy people, I am available for local,
national and international phone sessions.  (Please go to the
contact page for more information)