I V Y  H E L S T E I N
Psychotherapist to High Achievers
Professional Speaker Magazine
January/February 2002 Issue.

"Ivy, thank you so much for writing such a needed, yet sensitive article for Professional Speaker.  Having
known Joe for so many years as a mentor and member of our Dallas area Chapter, I know that many, many
people will relate to your work with him and sharing the important message that he would have wanted you
to share. Personally, I think this is a long overdue point of view that is desperately needed in our industry.
Thank you for using your expertise and experiences to make it such an integral part of this outstanding issue.
"Betty Price, Chair, Editorial advisory Board, National Speakers Association

"That was some AFFLUENZA article you wrote for PS magazine.  Bet it causes much pausing and thinking. It is
a subject matter that is so obvious and no one is addressing it…. I felt so behind on technology, e-mail,
strategizing and maximizing. Please. It was always me, the guitar, as much spirit as I could muster and them.
Nothing else. . By the time I retired I was doing a dozen a year at a very handsome fee and felt absolutely
and totally rich. How much is enough?  Great question. Your article was a sober wake-up for the entire
profession.  I shall never forget you."
Rosita Perez, CSP, CPAE, THE CAVETT AWARD, National Speakers Association, SPEAKER OF THE YEAR, National
Management Association.

"Just a quick note to let you know that I thought you wrote a very perceptive and on-target article in the
Professional Speaker magazine.  One of the most thought-provoking articles in recent years.  Thanks for  
sharing  your expertise.  Would definitely consider hiring you if and when the need arises."
Patti Hathaway, CSP, National Speakers Association.

"I'm glad I got to the Jan/Feb 2002 issue.  I read it cover to cover.  I think it's the most important issue we've
ever had…. And my personal thanks to Ivy Helstein.  I plan to read her article," The Affluenza Epidemic," every
week when I'm doing my weekly planning, and I'm sending copies to a number of dear friends, speakers and
non-speakers alike.  I hope every NSA member takes the time to read this issue.  It might change your life."
Kathie Hightower, Professional Member, National Speakers Association