I V Y  H E L S T E I N
Psychotherapist to High Achievers
“To see people change and successfully have the life they are meant to live,
is my greatest joy and my purpose for being here.”
I’m a clinically trained psychotherapist who has worked for over 30 years with a variety of clients from all
walks of life. My expertise is in helping people cope with change: changes that happen to you, and those
changes you have to make. Those changes include health, stress, addictions, anxiety, depression, phobias,
anger, and all personal, relationship, family and business issues that make your life difficult.

My unique niche is working with a distinctive sector of the population: High achievers:
Fortune 500 CEOs, high
profile people in the financial, legal and medical professions, celebrities and countless others.  Knowing the
problems achievers face, I wrote an article
“The Affluenza Epidemic: Are You Paying Too Much For Success?”
which was published in Professional Speaker Magazine and specifically geared to motivational speakers and

My Masters degree is in the Science of Human Behavior, and my specific expertise and published theses, “The
Effect of
Dysfunctional Communication within the Family System on Childhood Development” has been a
reference source and a guideline for those in the Mental Health field today.  My psychotherapeutic approach
in working with my clients is eclectic and depends on their individual personal or professional needs. My vast
training includes the traditional clinical work of Freud, Jung, Erickson, various behavioral and cognitive
therapies, as well as many methods of the current mind/body theorists today.

Because of the nature of my diverse and exclusive clientele, I conduct sessions usually by telephone: local,
national and international. Although I do see clients one-on-one in my office if they choose, many of my clients
prefer the phone for several reasons. Many find it is more convenient given their busy schedules, traveling
and working commitments and allows them to talk to me from everywhere, also it makes it easier to speak
about difficult issues. It permits them to have me as a therapist, given my understanding of their distinctive
needs.  For me therapy by phone works particularly well with my clients.  Since I don’t keep records, I must
fully listen on the many levels needed for therapeutic help.

Clients say their results have been nothing short of phenomenal
and they applaud their amazing life changes.  
"T.G.F.I- Thank God For Ivy!  We can't begin to tell you what an amazing impact you have made on our lives.  
We've  come a long way and are looking forward to continuing our journey with you."

"You have given me a healthy philosophy of life.  Your guidance allowed me to make changes with confidence
and  strength.  I will always be greatly indebted to you."

"From working with you, I feel a sense of calmness and happiness.  You saved my life."

"Your encouragement has enabled me to put closure on my past and move in directions that I only dreamed
possible.  I feel so fortunate to have met you."

"Ivy, you are just wonderful.  You truly want to help people succeed not only in business but in their life."

"Great explanations to teach concepts.  I feel new power  and the fear and limits in my life is over.  Thanks
a million, Ivy."

"You are an outstanding, knowledgeable, talented therapist, a warm and supportive person, and a dynamic